Commerce For Community

Commerce For Community

Anandodhara: The Stream of Joy. The journey started in Sydney, Australia on 1st March 1997 with a Traditional Bengali Musical Evening E Sudhu Gaan Er Din – Today is Only for Songs. However it blossomed beyond that theme and grown with the community by the community for the community spreading branches in Literature, Paintings and other Fine Arts. Over past 23 years Anandodhara Readers Forum is regularly organising enlightened literary, intellectual events to share and promote the concept Joyful Art of living through Mindfulness, Consciousness, Idea Sharing, Inclusiveness and Self Education. The new feather in the Cap of Anandodhara is participation in Commerce for Community. A collaborative initiative in a federated framework with likeminded people to encourage Young and Matured Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Educationalists and Social Engineers across Geographic Boundaries to consciously contribute to the family, community and society through Innovative Ideas Implementation in every walk of life with a mindset Benefit For All. Together we share, care and dare to say Lets make it Happen.

We welcome you to join, participate, enrich and let us all mutually share the benefit of Commerce for Community.

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