After 25 years of success in Australia and New Zealand, Anandodhara ~ The Stream of Joy, started its Voyage with a Vision and Dream and entered into a new Era through Digital Transformation.

Anandodhara Introduction
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Anandodhara's Online ordering and home delivery of printed books will be available across the Globe. Classical, Kids, Best Sellers, New Releases and various other Categories of Books in different languages including but not limited to Bengali, Odia, Assamese, English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujrati, Punjabi and other languages from Indian Subcontinent (Including Bangladesh) will be available to Interested Readers at a very reasonable price. Based on your query, requirements and order if necessary our experienced team members will call you to discuss further, understand your preference and provide the best possible service. Please give it a try.


Anandodhara's Flagship service was Home delivery of printed magazines to subscribers across Australia and New Zealand at a very reasonable price. Reading is a HABIT. Habit is the second Nature. For 25 years the Anandodhara Team worked relentlessly with dedication and commitment to ensure that newly released fortnightly and weekly magazines & publications from Indian Subcontinent reaches the home of readers in Australia and New Zealand on time and every fortnight without exception. Special occasion and Festive issues are also included in the service offering that helped the Diaspora to remain rooted in the Traditional Literary Heritage at connected to their Origin.

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Anandodhara's initiative for the community, with the community and by the community found the expression of its soul and dream through a variety of community events leaving behind a unique and majestic footprint of its own. Our Readers Forum is a Natural outcome of likeminded individuals without any boundaries to share the Joy of Artistic Freedom, Self-Expression, Creativity and Innovation. Our events included arranging Literary & Musical evenings by Inviting intellectual stalwarts from India & Bangladesh, Organising Painting Exhibition, Facilitated Debates & Group Discussions to encourage local talents. We welcome all to participate in the Group Discussions and share innovative ideas.

ANANDODHARA ONLINE MARKETPLACE is a marketplace to “Discover Unique Indian Products” including Handmade, Vintage, Ethnic, Organic and Natural products from India. India is a beautiful assortment of diversity reflected in our Clothing, Food, Lifestyle, Language, Music, Books etc. This diversity is so rich and diverse that an attempt to capture it on a single platform was never made. is that sincere attempt by bunch of young insane guys and gals who think this is possible now with the Internet.

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Anandodhara embarked on its journey with E Shudhu Gaaner Din on a starry March evening in Sydney, Australia in the year 1997. This ‘Stream of Joy’ was primarily ideated and created by Srimanta Mukherjee, the founder member who had long envisioned a melting pot of art and culture of the Indian subcontinent in Australia. He nurtured the dream of promoting Indian art and culture among the NRI as well as the diaspora of Indian subcontinent in Australia and New Zealand. We have been involved in organising literary evenings, musical events, painting and art exhibitions showcasing celebrities from India and Bangladesh belonging to the fraternity of art and culture alongside promoting the local talent, as a part of the initiatives by the Anandodhara Readers Forum. Over a span of 25 years, a global delivery framework has evolved through which we have successfully delivered periodicals, printed media books, and magazines across Australia and New Zealand.

As we moved forward on our noble purpose, we were humbled and overwhelmed to have the company of celebrated litterateurs like Sunil Gangopadhyay, Sirshendu Mukhopadhaya, Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Suchitra Bhattacharya, Samaresh Mazumdar, Harsha Dutta, Tilottama Majumdar, Dr. Nabakumar Basu, Apurbo Dutta, Subodh Sarkar, and Srijato, who blessed our initiative wholeheartedly.

At the dawn of the silver jubilee celebrations, our new agenda goes….

“Bring out the Unknown to the Known and make it WELL KNOWN”.

To begin with, we are focusing to introduce the rich traditional form of art and merchandise of India and Bangladesh to the global market. Our Readers Forum members in India have thus initiated a plan to highlight the rural artisans of the subcontinent and market their products through our online market store (AStore) with a hope to restore the near-to-extinct art and heritage.

The continuous flow of this ‘Stream of Joy’ is the result of sheer diligence, resilience, steadfastness, and determination of each of the members and volunteers, and last but not the least, the readers and patrons spread across the globe. We thank you from the very core of our hearts and welcome you all to share your valued opinions on the basis of which we believe, we could create more interesting footprints in the times to come.

AnandodharaThe Stream of Joy has blossomed over the span of 25 years in an organic and spontaneous way…

By The People, For The People, With The People.




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